A New Year, A New You

Year 2013 is almost over and a new year is about to start. And this is that time of the year when we sit and ponder about the things that happened the whole year that made our life fruitful and challenging. This is also that moment when we think of the coming year. We make futuristic pictures inside our heads of what we want this new year to be. What we want to accomplish, what we want to improve. It is that time when we


We are Back and Hello 2014

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014. Little by little I'm trying to make this page live again, despite of super typhoon that visited in our town that caused total damage. Thank to dear Creator for keeping all my family intact and alive.


Christmas Break

Christmas is that time of the year when so much is happening. It is one of those occasions when you need all the energy you can get. It is a season of traditions and togetherness that you don't want to miss out. So don't forget to prepare for the long day ahead and brace yourself for an action-filled celebration.
Some prefer travelling with the whole family to different places they have never been to as a way of celebrating Christmas. For others, it is the most anticipated event of the year when family reunions and parties are being held everywhere. A moment when you can once again have a taste of grandma's special dishes, when you can meet all your cousins and spend some time with them. This is the event where the musician in the family will be the center of attraction as he/she plays one of Mozart's sonata. Playing a guitar or a piano like one of these casio digital pianos at Guitar Center is a great entertainment for the whole family. There are also games and various activities to make the festivities more happy and memorable for everyone. So, however you celebrate this season, be prepared and have fun!


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Shop Online for Christmas Presents

Santa Clause is coming to town. This only means that Christmas is fast approaching. No matter what calamities comes in, still the Christmas celebration must be celebrated to thank God for all the blessings as well as exchanging gifts or giving presents to loved ones especially kids who are most excited for the holiday season and present from Santa Clause. If you don’t have much time to shop at department stores, better shop online for Christmas presents. Items are available to shop online like good peavey rage 158, apparels, shoes, hardware supplies and many more. Why I suggest going shopping online?