Shopping Lists for Pregnant Mums

Pregnant mums that are near on the finish line, these shopping lists I have will somehow help lessen your worries on what to bring to the hospital. What you and your baby need. Of course include also on what your hubby or family member who will accompany you.

Keeping ready is better than to panic when labor time arrives.


Lightning McQueen Sunglasses

My angel boy Vince Crispaul is addicted to Disney Pixar movie character Lightning McQueen so I decided to buy him a Lightning McQueen Sunglasses. Good thing there’s still available stock of this eyewear at Children’s Place Boutique in Robinsons Place Tacloban. My heart melts when I heard my son says “thank you mama” after he received the sunglasses I bought and found out that there’s picture of his fave McQueen printed on side.

Letting my kid wear sunglasses is not for fashion purposes or because it is printed with Lightning McQueen but to protect his eyes from bright sunlight and ultra violet (UV) exposure.



Tutu Skirt for Halloween

Days to go and its already Halloween Celebration. I'm excited to see again kids and kids at heart glamorously wearing their Halloween attire. In preparation for this scary event, I created a Halloween inspired tutu skirt.

 Actually, this is my second time to create a tutu and I was satisfied with the result.

 This no sew tutu skirt is made up of:
  • white tulle
  • ribbon
  • and pieces of beads to use for embellishment

Since my angel is a boy, I decided to make this creation of mine as a prize for the lucky winner of Halloween Blooog Hop Giveaway which I hosted in my other blog Working MAMA.