Mikayla's Boutique Online Store

Shopping these days is just one click! Many of us enjoy the convenience that is brought. Shopping online makes it easier to find great and unique products, gift ideas that sometimes we cannot find in department stores. The plus factor also of shopping online is that an online store offers PROMOS, DISCOUNT CODES/COUPONS and FREEBIES which everyone of course is waiting.  Honestly, I belong to those who love freebies from online stores.

Mentioning of online store and freebies, please welcome the featured online store of the month:

An online store that offers clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, cosmetics and personal care for him and her.  Mikayla’s Boutique is owned and managed by Geelyn Tan, a business minded mum from Luzon.  Mikayla’s Boutique is not just an online store that focuses more on profit earning. What I love most from this online store is that portion of the earnings goes to CRIBS Foundation.

I consider Mikayla’s Boutique as 2 in 1 online store. You Shop and You Help those needy angels. 

Here's my top pick from Mikayla’s Boutique, one of the Couple Suits Collections

Lovely isn't it? Well, if I were you buy any of Mikayla’s Boutique products. You will never regret on it. Visit the online store now! Links and contact details provided below:



(+63) 917.569.4958

Oops. . . before I forgot, Mikayla’s Boutique Collaborated with Working MAMA my other blog for a GIVEAWAY 

Five lucky winners will receive a Gift Certificate worth 50php. 

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Nivea Angel Star Lip Balm

Our lips are considered as one of the most sensitive parts of our body and the gate-keepers to the sensitive mucus membranes of the mouth. It is important to take good care of this part and we should be careful enough on the lip products that we apply. We should see to it that lip brands we are using do not contain harmful ingredients that may cause undesirable effects to our lips.  

Nivea Angel Star Lip Balm is one of the new lip products in my prettylicious kit. 

It comes in a trendy pink with shimmering particles and fruity scents that will moisturize, smoothens and create a wow effect in your lips. Nivea Angel Star Lip Balm contains SPF 10, protection against UVA and UVB rays. This lip balm is dermatologically approved and safe to use.

So, what do you think of my new lip product?  

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Royal Birthday Celebration

It's a Royal 4th Birthday Party of Princess Vianca Simonette tomorrow. Vianca is my son Vince classmate and we are honored that my little prince is invited on her special day celebration.

Invitation Card

Since it's a Royal Party Theme of course Princes and Princess are all in their best attire. Good thing Vince had already a prince costume and still in good condition.

Prince Aladdin Costume
Vince in his prince costume

Ready for the party now. . . I'm just hoping that Mr. Tantrum won't visit my prince tomorrow. Oops . . . before I forget, I have to shop a birthday present for the celebrant later after office. Well, I'll write a post about the gift and the party as well next time.

See you around!



Welcome Readers and Followers

I now officially launch this new page where I can practice my passion in writing. This new page of yours truly will cover my little angels life's journey in this wonderful land . . . their musings . . . and of course the latest fashion, trends for kids, mommies and daddies as well.

fellow mums, expecting mums, readers and followers. Hopefully you'll support this new page of mine like what you did with my other pages:

They said that "motherhood is difficult yet rewarding . . . I do agree with this statement, that is why for a Working MAMA like me I love and still find time to take note of my angels milestones. . . it is my happiness of being a mum and I consider this page as the right one for that thing.

Hope you too share your angels journey and fashion finds in this page.