Flash Sale at ROMWE

Holiday Season is getting near. AS early as now take advantage the Flash Sale at Romwe, shop for apparels as low as $14.99.

Below are my top 3 picks from this sale.


ONLY 1 rule for perfect body and look!-80/20 Rule by Miranda Ker


The 80/20 rule is not only used in the fields of the business and the economy, but is also more and more used in the field of the show biz through the nutrition of the celebrities. For maintenance of her divine body figure, the popular model Miranda Ker applies this rule.


Graceful Slim Waist Pleat Pure Color Dress Black

Howdy readers! My online shop is now officially open and accepting shoppers! Today's featured for sale apparel is the Graceful Slim Waist Pleat Pure Color Dress Black - CODE: D-06 B


Boost your metabolism with healthy and cheap food

Remove the fast poor food!

If you cannot eat healthy because of the high prices of the healthy products, these advices will help you to start healthy nutrition that will not cost you too much.

BUY FOOD ALONE! In that way you will be sure you will buy only the needed products.


DIY Accessories

Summer is the perfect time to relax, get a week off and spend a few days with your family and children. During the year, we hardly ever find some time for ourselves. Busy and constantly captured between the everyday routines and the exhausting duties at work, we simply cannot pay attention to our own appearance. Summer vacation gives up the chance to fix this injustice. 

Every woman loves shopping. This is an unwritten rule, applying to everyone, no matter of their age, race or nationality. A fancy new dress or a beautiful pair of earrings can always cheer you up. Unfortunately, we cannot always afford going to the mall and buying colorful accessories. So, today we're offering you some really creative and easy ways to make such jewels at home. They are both unique and stylish and you can even get your children involved. You can even match the accessories you made with fair isle sweater women.

How to make a bracelet?


OOTD: Moose Gear Up (First Outfit Post)

Meet my angel boy Vince Crispaul. A 4year old and in Kindergarten 1 at Asian Development Foundation College. Recently, a Peer Building Activity was held at their school. Here's his outfit and the first OOTD post on this page. Catch more about my angel at his website I am Vince Crispaul.


Take control over your child nutrition. How to make them eat healthy food?

image from freedigitalphotos.net

The fast food is part of the modern life nowadays and in order to teach your child to eat healthy food it might be a great challenge.

The cheapest products are most commonly the most unhealthiest.

If your child chooses between fast food and healthy food, you will not like the results.


Join the Holiday Giveaway Event

Let's welcome the spirit of Christmas with a Holiday Giveaway Event. This gift giving event will run from November 22 - December 6, 2013 and is hosted by TheReview Wire. 

Joining? Below are the details:


T-shirts for Summer- Time to Have Fun!

Summer is the time to enjoy the bliss of the Mother Nature. It is a break from the chilling cold weather and gives you the opportunity to wear something colorful and comfortable. So, what is the first thought that appears on your mind when you say cool wear? Well, t-shirts of course! You can bid goodbye to the long sleeved wears and put on a half or a sleeveless t-shirt. For both men and women, tees have become a basic wear and thanks to the personalization option, you can even convert a simple t-shirt into an attractive one. You can wear different types of summer t-shirts; here are some of the options.

omage not mine

Printed tees


Strawberry Nail Art

"Nail Art to pamper my hardworking hands"
 -Mum's Angels-

Mommy Dorry

Home Blood Pressure Monitor a Must Have Health Care Gadget

Howdy readers! Let us welcome the BER Months with positive vibes. Christmas is in the air, which actually means party and deli foods here and there. But wait, just a healthy reminder from your mum’s angels before you enjoy the season to the max, check your diet if you really care your health. Aside from the hot gadgets you have, be sure to have a home blood pressure monitor, a must have health care gadget which you can shop online on this website.

Advanced Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor