Beauty and Bright Skin Lightening and Anti-Aging Serum

Beauty and Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap and Anti-Aging Serum Bar is a naturally made beauty product of Droplets of Nature. To know about Droplets of Nature please do read my review post HERE. Below are the contents of this soap that make an extraordinary and effective one.

Three lightening contents

  • Papaya helps in skin renewal and exfoliation.
  • Kojic acid lightens pigmentation and freckles.
  • Lemon extracts the potent skin-lightening ingredient

Three anti-aging contents
  • Moringa extract which is rich in Vitamin A that helps build collagen in the skin.
  • Acai berry extracts the most powerful anti-oxidants that are rich in anthocyanins and phytosterols that helps protect skin from aging.
  • Lactic acid helps moisturize skin and reduces irritation caused by deep exfoliation.

How to apply:

Scrub the soap in your body and let the soap stay on your skin for five minutes before washing it off. You’ll see the improvements in your skin after regular use because the natural serum in the soap is loaded with essential oils, skin nutrients and skin lightening and anti-aging ingredients.

Try it now!

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Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder SPF 17

An oily appearing face is a common beauty frustration with most, including yours truly. If you are in search for an oily face remedy, I suggest to use the Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder with SPF 17. The silky smooth powder from this beauty product absorbs oil and covers blemishes that results in a clean, shine free face.

Neutral shade

How to apply:

Pat gently on face with sponge applicator and blend evenly. This is suitable for everyday use and on-the-go touch-ups.

My Verdict

I prefer to use the Neutral shade which I think a perfect match for my skin. Actually, it’s my first time to use the Avon ideal oil control pressed powder and I do love what I am experiencing. I like the result after applying because the shade vanish on my skin giving me a polished, shine free and fresh looking face. The cost is so friendly for a frugal shopper like me. I buy this at 35% discount. This is highly commendable and you can only buy this from the Avon company or Avon Dealers.

Have you already tried this product? Share your verdict by leaving comments on this post.

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One Stop Shop for Aging Parents Needs

We cannot deny the fact that our parents are not getting any younger. In this situation roles become reversed, we may find ourself changing the diapers of the person who once change ours. This act of Caregiving is a way of repaying back all the sacrifices ad cares did so much to us by our parents. If you are Caregiving your own aging parents and struggling to find ways on how to give them the best care ever, then Parentgiving: the ultimate senior care resource is the answer and a big help for your Caregiving mission.

Parentgiving.com is considered as the one stop shop for your aging parent needs because this was created to help adult children provide the best care for their aging parents. At parentgiving.com you can shop for the products and supplies needed for your aging parents like tranquility products. Aside from shopping products that best fit for your aging parents , you can as well learn about how to bath safely, Walking aids, health and wellness advice and other tips on caring an aging parent. A panel of  experts will be answering all your queries on senior caring issues, you can read their answers to frequently asked questions or you can as well ask your own queries by sending them using the question box. A truly helpful service indeed. So better visit the site and sign-up as well for free parent caring perks.

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