OASAP Giveaway Winner

Hello angels! I’m back after the busy days of my regular work. Well, in this comeback of mine, I am going to announce the lucky OASAP Giveaway winner. I am so thankful angels dear for the support of the giveaway I hosted that is sponsored by fashion and shopping website OASAP. Entrants of the giveaway reach above its target and I’m so glad with the result because after validating all entries, I found out the giveaway participants did all the requirements.

Here are the lists of giveaway participants. From the list I draw the lucky winner through random.org and the winner result is number 39. 

The owner of this number 39  is no other than . . . Drum roll please. . .

Audrey18 (Audrey Sorrentino)

1          tina salinas
2          carmina aguilar
3          koko tamura
4          diosyl evan
5          ane
6          mela melina
7          francesca biondina
8          liza cochico
9          lucky vixen
10        ganessa archival
11        may ongsioco
12        sherry ann gole cruz
13        yhen barron
14        lourdes espanol
15        althea dominique
16        sekhmet
17        crystal cruz
18        lyudmila
19        alexandra
20        mary queen
21        julia vampire
22        jhessa nachor
23        florinda
24        black asphodel
25        jared's mum
26        gustosa giveaways
27        joy merced
28        morgan mochrie
29        kim hardy
30        shyla miko
31        farrahleah14
32        shamara catama
33        mitch carvalho
34        adry
35        valentina frucchi
36        lady lei mercado
37        dt6teen
38        lei mercado
39        audrey18
40        social shopper mom
41        rica
42        rachelle anne del rosario
43        joy adalia
44        aine g
45        lisa quidlat
46        cindy batchelor
47        julie christie tan
48        gie cruz
49        maricar canillas saladino
50        natalia salinas
51        rosalia labasbas
52        genefaith saratorio

To the winner, I’ll forward your information and prize choice to the giveaway sponsor. Thank you once again everyone for joining and supporting my blog giveaway.

Till next game!

mommy dorry