Goods.Ph Be Cool In School Promo – Get A Chance To Win Samsung Galaxy SIV

School Days is now coming! and because Goods.Ph loves you they just started a very awesome giveaway that will surely makes your eyes wide. Yes because they are now giving away ONE SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 for the lucky a winner of this contest. All you need is to use your real facebook account and register on Goods.Ph using your email and that’s it you’ll now have a chance to win this super awesome Samsung galaxy s4. Just follow the instruction below.

Help us get 15,000 likes on our Facebook page, and get a chance to win the ultimate life companion: a Samsung Galaxy S4! READ CAREFULLY and FOLLOW the instructions below :

1. Like us on Facebook! (By like we mean the Goods.Ph page.) visit this link : https://www.facebook.com/Goods.ph

2. Share this photo advertisement for the promo on your timeline. Here’s the link : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=392871824155112&set=a.340062126102749.73862.280779222031040&type=1&theater 

3. Please note that you have to BOTH LIKE OUR PAGE AND SHARE THE PROMO PHOTO to your timeline. Once shared, please do not delete the post from your timeline so that your entry may remain valid. Also, should your account be picked as the winner, the promo photo in the timeline should still have at least five friends tagged to it.

4. Go to http://goods.ph/customer/register.html and REGISTER TO BECOME A MEMBER. Please do this and register with your REAL NAME AND DETAILS. Winning Facebook accounts that aren’t registered with Goods.Ph are disqualified.

5. Your Facebook account’s name must be under YOUR REAL NAME, and match with your Goods.Ph member account details. Accounts with pseudonyms and fake names will be disqualified.

6. The promo will end once the Goods.Ph page gets 15,000 likes. All entries after that is reached will not be included.

7. The winner will be determined via electronic raffle, and then announced on our Facebook page after we reach the 15,000 likes.

8. Those who have liked our page previously will still get a chance to win as long as they share the photo on their page and follow other promo requirements.

9. The winning account must be at least 6 months old and have at least 50 friends. If a winning account does not meet the specifications the prize is waived and we will pick another winner.

We don’t need to tell you how awesome the Galaxy S4 is, so join now!

This giveaway is from Goods.Ph the newest and awesome Philippines Online Shopping Sites.

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OASAP Spring and Summer 2013 Giveaway

OASAP a high-street fashion and global online store recently released its new pieces for Spring and Summer 2013. Aside from delivering fashionable stuffs and shipping it FREE of charge, OASAP is also dedicated to rewarding its customers that’s why they collaborated this blog Mum’s Angels for a giveaway that will run for ten days only.

Lucky winner of this quick and easy tasks giveaway will pick the prize of her choice from the following fashionable finds.

(Click on the name of fashion finds below  to view the details and sizes)

Ready? Here are the 3 easy requirements:

1. Become a member of OASAP for FREE by signing up HERE

2. Follow at least one OASAP social networking site
3. Invite more friends to join the giveaway. Please take note that the more friends you refer to join the more chance of winning.

That’s all! After doing the required tasks please don’t forget to leave a comment on this post with the following information:

Email used to Sign up as member of OASAP
Account Name Used to follow one of OASAP networking sites
Name of Friend who refers you to join
Choice of Prize:

Please be sure that you completely did all the tasks before commenting to make your entry valid.

Giveaway is Open WORLDWIDE

Good luck and have fun inviting friends to join the giveaway!

Important Note: I can only pick the winner once I have at least 50 giveaway participants. So please do join in the 3 easy steps giveaway. 

Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way affiliated nor sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. The sponsor, OASAP will be responsible for the prize fulfillment. No purchase is necessary.

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Stir Fry Coffee?!

You know it when you drink it – coffee that has been sitting around for hours on end and is totally fried – it smells bad and tastes even worse; it’s the sort of coffee truck drivers who want to stay up all night might drink, the kind of coffee that is so strong the spoon stands up in the mug. Why doesn’t it create more of a stir - serving rancidisn’t pleasant for anyone.

The funny thing is that anyone can have great coffee whenever they’d like – all you need is an on demand or single serve coffee maker; it’s the modern way to make coffee. On demand coffee makers resemble conventional electric drip coffee makers in that they have a water reservoir and they require access to an electrical outlet. They differ in that there is no coffee pot or warming tray nor is there a thermal carafe.

When you use a single serve brewing system you make just one cup of coffee at a time and it brews directly into your cup, glass or mug. This means it is always fresh, hot and flavorful but never stale or bitter and certainly not fried. To make the coffee you use individually sealed, premeasured single portion coffee pods, packets or K-Cups® - there are many different formats but they all work along the same basic lines.

Select a coffee insert, place your mug under the brewing pot and press a button – the machine opens the packets and brews a perfect cup of coffee in one minute or less. It’s easy to switch back and forth between regular and decaffeinated coffee and cleanup is minimal – all you do is discard the spent coffee insert and you are ready to brew another cup.

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Beat the Stress with these Healthy Intakes

Life of mums can get pretty hectic especially if they are managing lots of stuffs such as motherhood responsibilities, household chores, and life career. To get the nerves calm amid all these stuffs in life, I have here easy and healthy technique to stay on top of stressful days. So, beat the stress with these healthy intakes I have.

  • Eat fruits such as papaya, banana and avocado. These fruits provide potent protections against stress trough their vitamins A, C, folate and potassium. The said vitamins effectively help combat high blood pressure.
  • Oatmeal, whole-wheat bread and cereal. These are rich in fiber that help induce a steady flow of serotonin, slowing down the rate digestion and preventing blood sugar roller coaster which could lead to the mood swing and mindless eating.
  • Nuts, green leafy vegetables and cocoa .These foods are rich in magnesium that boosts serotonin levels in the brain, putting you in happier and more relaxed mood.
  • Fish like salmon are rich in Omega-3 is also stress reliever food that keeps your heart smart and protected against cardiovascular disease. It also helps body’s stress hormones.
  • Coffee and other antioxidant beverages are best intake to start the day. This melts away feelings of stress and anxiety as well as helps boosts one’s focus.

Fellow mums and readers dear beat stress with the stress reliever foods mentioned above. Doing this, will lead to an ever happy day, healthy lifestyle not just for you but for the whole family.

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Nail Color of the Week: Caronia Baby Pink

A new set of clothes arrived. From these, winter white dresscute winter dresses, winter dresses for girls, what do you think would best match with my new nail color?

I love to color my nails. For me wearing nail polish is like having an accessory.  So starting this week I will be sharing my Nail Color of the Week. What I have for this week is the Caronia Baby Pink Color.

I change nail polish every week particularly on my fingers because this part is usually used more often. I am not decided yet on  the color of my nail polish next week, but one of the colors below will be the nail color of the week on next post.

By the way, I got these nail polish for free few weeks ago from Fitness Fashion Freebies, a prize for her blog giveaway. Thank you so much sis!

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Variety is the spice of life, and the same is true for runners, who also like to mix things up in regard to their routine and their training. This need for variation extends all the way to the events and competitions in which runners participate.

To satisfy different quirks and fancies, event organizers have explored a multitude of ways to keep the running community on their toes. This includes running competitions with added obstacles, on off-road tracks and, most recently, holding races at night.

Competitive racing in the dead of night certainly adds a different dimension to the running experience. Being enveloped by darkness requires runners to be more sensitive to the slightest conditions on the road, demanding complete focus and undivided attention. Preparations in the run-up to competition also vary. Training regimen, as well as prep time, tend to differ, too, which only adds to the challenge.
Local runners have already had the pleasure of trying out night races through different competitions already hosted here in the Philippines. This night race craze, however, started in 2011 with one event, the Energizer Night Race.

That race was part of Energizer’s bigger initiative called the “Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World”, a series of nighttime running events held around the world including countries in Africa, Europe, North and South America, and throughout Asia. Over 75,000 participants joined the more than 30 Energizer Night Races held in 20 countries across the globe.
The magnitude of the event’s success, transcended more than mere numbers. This global night race has served as an effective vehicle in raising awareness of the world’s need for safe, clean, and affordable solar lighting. “It’s hard to believe that in this day and age that there are still around 1.3 billion people deprived of electricity and clean lighting,” says Energizer’s Brand Manager, Joan Mendoza. “This event is just one way in which Energizer can bring this issue forth and be addressed for the benefit of less fortunate communities all over the world.”

Running at night guided only by Energizer LED Headlamps, runners get a sense of how important light is. Usually taken for granted in developed areas, light and clean energy are extremely valuable in off-the-grid communities. They dictate a child’s capacity to learn, an adult’s ability to work, and the community’s maximum functionality. They also help promote personal health and the environment by lessening carbon emissions made by alternative light sources such as candles, kerosene lamps, and firewood.

The need for efficient and eco-friendly lighting has led Energizer to partner with One Million Lights (OML), a nonprofit organization that shares the same goal of providing rural communities around the world with the gift of light. Since 2011, Energizer and OML have donated 23 million hours’ worth of light through Energizer Solar-Powered LED flashlights and lamps to different remote communities in Latin America, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Philippines.
Energizer’s efforts to put the issue of light and energy in perspective are part of their “That’s Positivenergy™” campaign that serves as the company’s platform to show its commitment to performance and responsibility. This means providing consumers with durable and energy efficient products for everyday needs.

Running has been an effective way of gathering the public’s support for worthy causes, from community health and fitness to environmental advocacies. By immersing runners in the kind of situations individuals in remote, off-the-grid communities go through, the company hopes participants look beyond the event and appreciate and support what it stands for.
To alleviate the lack of energy and light in far-flung communities, Energizer again strengthens its drive by calling out running and fitness enthusiasts to join in the cause by participating in this year’s Energizer Night Race Manila. The race will be held on May 4, 2013 at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig with the help of partners GMA Network and Schick.

Registration is on-going until April 30, 2013 at BROOKS SM North EDSA, RUNNR Bonifacio High Street, and Toby’s Sports EDSA Shangri-la, Glorietta, and SM Mall of Asia. For more information about the race, visit www.energizerglobalnightrace.com.

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