Harsh Realities of Cancer Treatment

One of the most expensive treatments for a human disease is considered to be cancer treatment. A decade back this disease was almost considered as incurable. Though not 100% of people get cured of the disease after treatment but still modern technology has given us good odds against the disease and is fortunately considered as fightable now. There is no doubt that cancer has resulted because of our deteriorating environment by pollution to the extent that these kinds of diseases have surfaced. Cancer is basically an inner growth of cells which is of uncontrollable magnitude forming tumors. Though not all the tumors are cause of cancers but in majority cases they are. These tumors spread to the neighboring body organs and result in


Christmas Wish Lists

Happy Holidays everyone! The holiday is near, as usual it is always a common practice to have or jot down Christmas Wish Lists especially kiddos. Listed below are my Christmas Wish Lists. Actually, the most important wish  that I want to have is the last one so that the first and second from the wish lists will make come true.



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Are you considering opening your own modelling agency? If so, you definitely have an exciting yet albeit a stressful period ahead. This article aims to ensure that the stress is minimized by providing you with some crucial advice. No matter what business you open, success rides on careful planning and a lot of forethought. There is no such things as too much research and organization.


What to Shop for the Home Sweet Home

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Now that you’re done listing gift ideas for your loved ones, I think it’s nice to have presents too for the shelter of the family even once in a year. I have here 5 gift ideas of what to shop for the home sweet home. 


How to Determine Your Eyebrow Shape

It is almost impossible to get an aesthetic eye make-up if you don't have properly-shaped eyebrows. Remember that make-up artists always start doing the make-up with a preparation of eyebrows because they are the frame of your face and are responsible for your expression and sight effect. 

Caiqi Diamond Leather Quartz Bracelet Wrist Watch for only $2.80

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OOTD: Day-Tripper Outfit

Here's another OOTD (outfit of the day) post, featuring my day-tripper man. The photo above was taken at San Juanico Bridge. 


50% Off on Quartz Lady Wrist Watch

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Have a merry Christmas! Watch out for the next shopping deal.


Be the Next Garfield Champ

Let your kid shine and be the next Garfield champ of the season. How? Simply show your kid's Garfield Street Style and follow the mechanics listed below:


Christmas Gift Idea: Audio Fast Track

Ho. . . Ho. . . Holiday Season is just around the clock. Surely, everyone is busy preparing shopping lists for presents. Include in your list of gifts the cheap m-audio fast track, a perfect Christmas present for aspiring recorder. This device is user friendly, delivers all the mobile recording flexibility plus even more professional features.
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Why Health and Safety is Important in a Work Place


Whatever type of work place or business establishment that you are in, there is always a possibility of some sort of damage to someone’s health. Accidents and health hazards never come announced. All people who are in a working environment are exposed to hazardous environments knowingly or unknowingly. There are various methods that people are prone to accidents including handling dangerous machinery, being exposed to various toxic substances, electric failures or even psychological hazards including stress and pressure from seniors and colleagues.

Morning Routine to Start a Healthy Day

Like most people, I like to start my day with hope and good/happy thoughts about the future and what it means to be alive. But in order to reap the full benefits of what it means to be a morning person, one should always perform some sort of 'start up your day' routine. Different people have different opinions on the matter, but here I am going to post a simple to follow schedule, which is guaranteed to promote healthy and peaceful beginnings of any busy and otherwise unpleasant day.

Waking up