Ways to Have a Practical Gift Giving

Weeks to go BER month is here. It is undeniable that Christmas is coming to town and one of the highlights of the Christmas season is gift giving. This season of gift giving need not be such an expensive activity. With a little effort, time and creativity, you can still show to your loved ones how much you appreciate them as well as caring for the dear mother earth and saving peso for the piggy bank.

I have here an early share of ways on how to have a practical gift giving ideas.
Create a homemade Christmas Cards. Homemade cards are more special than those bought from the store. Card making is also a fun activity for the family.

Wrap a personal and memorable gift. This is a kind of gift which you can spend less, and show gestures of thoughtfulness. Instead of giving things, try to give a gift of service like tutoring, 
cooking, massage and gardening.

Reuse wrapping paper. Look for a paper using recycled content or wraps made from fibers such as hemp. You can as well wrap your gift using coloring pages taken from an old magazine.

I hope these practical gift giving ideas inspires you to have a Christmas that is easy on the budget but filled with joyous moments. Always keep in mind that gifts are just part of the celebration; what truly matters most is the warmth that comes to celebrating the holidays with your loved ones. 

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  1. Great tips, love your cutely wrapped presents ; )